Leave it to Leigh to complete her Fraser Brothers series with a bang. She's taken one stubborn woman, one sexy man and a hidden gold mine and set them down in the Wild West -- a surefire formula for a hit.

Garth Fraser has come through the Civil War determined to ` find his uncle's lost gold mine. On his way, he stops in a saloon and finds trouble in the form of dance hall girl Rosie O'Grady.

Not one of those "upstairs" girls, Rosie wanders the country with her father, dreaming of settling down one day. Though she's attracted to Garth, she knows it will soon be time to part. Then her father steals Garth's map, and all three of them end up in the village of Hope. No one has come to claim the mine or dig for gold in years, and many believe the mine's played out or haunted. As Garth and Rosie join forces to find the gold, they discover danger in the hills. (Pocket star, Jan., 356 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin