Image of His Captive (Zebra Debut)


Image of His Captive (Zebra Debut)

Taking her cue from the timeless captive/captor themes, Cosby delivers
a standard medieval battle-of-wills romance designed to satisfy those
who enjoy good repartee, the 13th-century backdrop and just enough history and sensuality to keep us satisfied.

When Lady Nichola Westcott is abducted by Scotsman Sir Alexander MacGruder, she expects treachery but quickly learns he's a man of his word. She's been kidnapped for the ransom money that will aid his family and win revenge against her family for his father's murder.

But from the instant Alexander sees her, he's compelled by a desire to protect her. Even as she attempts to escape, Nichola yearns for his embrace. Caught in a tangled web of politics, secret identities, the fight for Scotland's freedom and a scheme to free William Wallace, Nichola and Alexander forge a love strong enough to withstand any and all obstacles. (Zebra, Nov., 380 pp., $3.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin