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by Jessica Bird

Genre: Series

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After caring for her grandmother and working at her family's BandB for years, Joy Moorehouse longs for her own life. The opportunity comes through political consultant Gray Bennett, the man Joy has secretly loved for ages. Suddenly Joy is
selling her dress designs, attending glamorous events and finding pleasure in Gray's arms. Though very passionate, Gray is also emotionally distant, and Joy must decide if what he's offering is enough. Jessica Bird continues The Moorehouse Legacy with His Comfort and Joy (4.5). Dramatic, edgy and intense, this story has a larger-than-life, dark hero who takes the sweet heroine (and the reader) to some exciting places.

Reviewed By: Catherine Witmer

Publisher: Silhouette

Published: January 2006

Reader Rating

4 Stars

Average Rating: 4 Stars
(1 ratings)

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His Comfort and Joy

Submitted by Robin in PA on March 31, 2012 - 3:40pm.

Even though Joy Moorehouse only saw Grayson Bennett a few times a year, she was definitely in love with him. But realistically she knew he barely knew her name...or did he? Gray definitely paid attention when Joy entered a room. He knew she was a beautiful woman who should wait for a special guy who could love her. Gray felt he was incapable of loving anyone and didn't want to hurt her. But now he was finding it hard to stay away from her.

This book was a quick read, even though it became frustrating in places. How many obstacles could Gray throw out there between he and Joy? Seems like one after another. If I were Joy, I would have told him to take a hike long ago. But, lucky for her, she stuck with him and finally turned him around by the end of the book. My rating: 4 Stars.