Image of In His Command (Don't Tell)


Image of In His Command (Don't Tell)

Warren’s dystopian m/m novel is completely unique, and she totally proves how talented she is at writing romance. The author’s work is edgy and daring, and readers will agree — hands down — that this first installment in the Don’t Tell trilogy is unlike any other futuristic book on the market today. The heroes are strong, the plot is easy to follow and paced perfectly and it’s a realistic view of the future. Although it’s quite lengthy, nothing needed to be omitted, because readers will want to fully absorb the rare storyline in this unforgettable debut.

In the year 2070, following a series of tragic events, the world’s remaining population has drastically changed. The Company oversees what’s left behind of the ravished cities, and homosexuality is a big no-no. If the rule against engaging in out-of-the-norm sexual behavior is broken, one may never again see the light of day. When havoc is wreaked throughout the Company’s territory, former military man Caspar Cannon is ordered to aid Company executive Nathaniel Rice in reaching a safer location. Their quest is treacherous, and as they journey together they can’t help but feel an insatiable hunger for each other. Caspar mustn’t let the higher powers learn of his attraction to Nathaniel or neither man will survive. (FOREVER YOURS, Aug., 368 pp., $16.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi