Image of His Conquest


Image of His Conquest

Set amid William Wallace’s fight to free Scotland from English rule, Cosby’s story does a good job of weaving together a moving tale of betrayal, revenge and redemption. Readers will fall in love with this third MacGruder Brother. The story’s a bit too heavy on the history, but the characters are well rounded and the plot twists plentiful and engaging.

When her brother betrays her by giving her in marriage to an abusive lord, Lady Linet Dancort plots her revenge and her escape. Linet frees her brother’s prize prisoner from the dungeon on the condition that he deliver her to her mother’s clan in the Highlands. Seathan MacGruder, Earl of Grey, is surprised when a beautiful Englishwoman sets him free. He agrees to help her — but not until he learns her true identity. From the first, attraction sparks between them, until Seathan realizes he has fallen in love with his enemy; now his savior becomes his prisoner. (ZEBRA, Nov., 356 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer