Gordon’s first Banks Brothers Brides book will no doubt engage longtime fans and new readers alike. Historic notions of love and desire create a poignant friction between the lead couple, and a charming supporting cast — notably the hero’s hapless, earnest younger brother — rounds out the story well. Though the tension is not very sharp, and the structure of a few scenes makes them somewhat confusing, this is a pleasant love story of two lonely souls who find love in the most unlikely of matches.

After a lonely childhood controlled by her title-hungry father, Regina is thrilled to be marrying the man who captured her heart. Little does she know that her union with Edward Banks, Lord Watson, is a business transaction. Edward is delighted when his wife shows interest in his scientific endeavors and craves her company and her smiles. But when Regina realizes the truth of her marriage, he must confront his feelings for his wife, and convince her that their union can be better than either ever imagined. (ROSEGORDON.NET, dl $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown