Image of His Dakota Captive


Image of His Dakota Captive

Fans of Karen Kay and Cassie Edwards will savor Kernan’s Indian romance. Following the traditional path of the noble half-breed, Kernan crafts a story filled with numerous plot points, twists and plenty of Native American history. It’s a pleasant, though not surprising, addition to the genre.

Sky Fox rescues a Lakota boy from an abusive truant officer and together they travel to the reservation where he is shocked to find his mentor, Eagle Dancer, mourning the loss of his young wife, who has returned to the white man’s world. Sky agrees to locate Lucie. After years of captivity Lucie came home, but she’s uncomfortable in civilization. She takes a job teaching at a mission school, where she struggles with her emotions over the harsh treatment of the children and her place in the world. She refuses to return to Eagle Dancer until she learns he has been captured and accused of killing the truant officer. Sky agrees to escort her to fort. On the journey they grow to understand one another and their attraction is difficult to deny, but she is his friend’s wife. To protect them Sky takes the blame for the murder and Lucie must find a way to set him free and claim her own independence. (HARLEQUIN, Sep., 200 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin