St. Giles draws readers into a tale set in New Orleans, where the sultry night air is filled with whispers of murder and a lovely widow fights to save her family from ruin.

It's been years since Juliet Boucheron's husband disappeared along with a cache of Confederate gold. Suddenly, her boardinghouse has become the target of robbers. Then the detective she hired to locate her husband and her trusted lawyer are murdered. Meanwhile, Juliet's sister lies close to death, possibly of yellow fever, or perhaps poison. So when her newest boarder, Stephen Trevelyan, offers his help, Juliet accepts.

Stephen has an agenda for being in the city and seeking out Juliet. They are stunned by the instantaneous attraction they feel--an added complication to an already tangled situation. Caught between loving a man she may not be able to fully trust, the dark shadows of the past, murder and political strife, Juliet follows her heart to uncover the truth.

With her riveting sequel to Mistress of Trevelyan, St. Giles secures a spot on every gothic fan's shelf. She combines a marvelously tangled mystery with a sex-ually charged romance that satisfies readers whether they're seeking suspense or passion. SENSUAL (Nov., 304 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin