Image of His Darkest Salvation


Image of His Darkest Salvation

A family feud and an inconvenient mating bond complicate an already dire situation in rising star Stone’s newest offering. The hero in this novel bears little resemblance to the character first introduced to readers, so all bets are off in this gritty and suspenseful story. The overarching storyline gains some resolution, but new questions and threats are unveiled. This series is definitely improving with age.

Three years ago a reckless sexual encounter between enemy jaguar shifters Jaden DaCosta and Julian Castille initiated a mating bond that only Jaden was aware of. Six months ago, a jungle battle with evil sorcerer Cormac O’Hara ended with Julian being sucked into a hell dimension and tortured unceasingly. An unknown power has freed both Julian and sorcerer Declan O’Hara and given them a mission; they must find and close a powerful portal or their souls will be lost forever. Jaden is used to fighting her own battles, so she is not thrilled with Julian’s return and interference with her plan to locate the dangerous portal. Now they are fighting their attraction to one another as well as a looming apocalyptic threat. (AVON, Aug., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith