It's been five years since composer Dylan Moore's life was shattered by a horrible accident—five years since the night violinist Grace Cheval talked him out of suicide. Since their meeting, her beauty and compassion have haunted him. Just when he needs her more than ever, fate intervenes.

Grace knows Dylan has a reputation as a womanizer, but she also knows of the demons that drive him. That's why she accepts his offer to be governess to his newfound daughter, the precocious Isabel.

Their attraction is palpable, but Grace will not be another of Dylan's conquests. She wants to see him compose music again and find happiness with Isabel. As passion grows so does contentment, but Grace knows that if the secrets of her past are revealed, all could be lost.

Guhrke plays your emotions like a virtuoso, knowing exactly what chords to touch to make you feel and wonder at her ability to bring such a touchingly beautiful story to life. Her characters are vibrant and real, and their emotions raw and powerful. You'll be swept away from the first page and filled with a glowing warmth by the last. Put this one on your must-read list. SENSUAL (Oct., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin