Returning from the Crusades, Sir Royce de Warrene wishes to secure the estate and lands promised him by the Lionheart. Upon reaching King Johns court, Royce is sent on a royal quest to find a missing heiress.

Royce has never forgotten the maiden with silvery hair and emerald eyes hed found in hiding after the brutal attack on the village. After witnessing the carnage, hed made the solemn vow to devote his life to protecting the weak and powerless.

Ana remembers naught of her life before the night of the massacre. She lives happily with her adoptive parents, never dreaming she is of noble birth, though she has always held the memory of her beloved squire in her heart. After years of waiting, she has given up all hope of her squire returning and has agreed to wed the village cooper.

But destiny has other plans for Ana. Royce appears the day of her wedding with a royal decree that she return to court. The long years have changed Royce and Ana does not recognize her squire. She boldly attempts to thwart him at every turn, determined to make her way back home, unaware her fate lies with the knight.

Ana and Royce must face and conquer the challenges before they can find love and happiness within each others arms. Kathleen Kirkwood has once again penned a remarkable and heart-warming tale of love and chivalry in days of yore. Vivid in historical detail and rich in characterization, HIS FAIR LADY will win your heart and warm your soul. SENSUAL (Feb., 353 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor