Esmeralda McElroy is director of the Dream a Little Dream Foundation, in part because of her palm-reading talent. Her readings for herself indicate that she will begin anew with a man from her past, and she thinks it will be her ex-husband. Then Mitch Margolin arrives to investigate the agency for his low-key brother, and they realize they met 17 years before. He's a practical attorney and doesn't believe in all the mystical nonsense, and he's suspicious of the foundation. Soon Mitch and Esmeralda are sending off sexual sparks, until hints of fraud surround the foundation. When her ex comes into the picture, Esmeralda doesn't know who she's meant to be with. Dawn Atkins' At His Fingertips (4) is a thoroughly compelling story with a great heroine who deserves all her happiness.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor