Vivienne Burroughs, a feisty beauty orphaned five years earlier when she was 15, lives in London with her uncle, a silk and ribbon merchant.

Solicitor Robert Harding is often on the wrong side of town helping the poor out of legal troubles. He was a thief himself once, before turning to law. While walking on the wharf he rescues a blue-eyed beauty teetering on the edge. What is Vivienne doing there? And will they meet again? Sir Philip Martlebury, her intended husband, and her uncle would certainly hope not! If they knew

THE FORBIDDEN KISS is a story that mixes love with family conflict, is told with heavy sentimentality (even for readers who like their romances sappy) and loads of dialogue. The supporting characters enliven the tale. The setting is a fascinating time in history, when Charles II was restored to the throne. Fans of the Restoration period and Charles II will enjoy the scenes at the palace, but be left wanting more details. SENSUAL (Mar., 374 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gabrielle Pantera