Image of His Forever Love (Love Inspired)


Image of His Forever Love (Love Inspired)

HIS FOREVER LOVE (3) by Missy Tippens: Fifteen years ago, Bill Wellington got up the nerve to tell Lindsey Jones he loved her, only to discover she'd gotten engaged to someone else. Seeing her when he returns home after his grandmother is injured brings back old feelings. Wanting to take his grandmother back to live with him in Boston, Bill goes up against both her and Lindsey. Can he convince them that he's doing the right thing, or is he doomed to make his grandmother unhappy and lose his second chance at love? Tippens delivers a nice second-chance story where the problems the hero and heroine face are understandable. However, the hero is difficult to empathize with and the know-it-all friend is overwhelming.

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley