Image of In His Good Hands


Image of In His Good Hands
IN HIS GOOD HANDS (4) by Joan Kilby: Bank loans manager Renita Thatcher is forced to deal with her high school crush, Brett O’Connor, when he moves back to town and applies for a loan to open a gym. In the midst of a divorce, the retired pro football player just wants to create a new life for himself and his teenage daughter, Tegan. Even after Renita can’t lend him the full amount he needs, Brett talks her into joining the gym with her father. Renita, at first sure that a football player can’t love a chubby, out-of-shape woman, soon learns just how attractive Brett thinks she is. This book has a very realistic storyline. Anyone who’s ever had an unrequited crush will be able to identify with Renita. Kilby pulls off Renita’s insecurity and Brett’s determination with skill.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay