Image of His Holiday Bride (Kimani Romance)


Image of His Holiday Bride (Kimani Romance)
Elaine Overton does a wonderful job conveying her characters' feelings, their emotional baggage and their struggles without getting maudlin or boring in His Holiday Bride (4.5). This book is a definite keeper. Beautiful, rebellious college student Amber Lockhart runs away from Detroit to be with bad-boy basketball star Dashaun Kennedy and ends up putting her life in danger in the process. Security specialist Paul Gutierrez goes looking for Amber as a favor to a longtime friend and rescues her from a precarious situation. When he takes her home, she soon has him and his infant son totally mesmerized. But Amber and Paul must deal with their misconceptions about themselves and one another as they face their feelings for each other.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims