Image of His L.A. Cinderella


Image of His L.A. Cinderella
HIS L.A. CINDERELLA (4.5) by Trish Wylie: Former screenwriting partners -- and lovers -- Will Ryan and Cassidy Malone are reunited when the studio exercises an option on a prior contract. Working together again is a challenge, because the spark between them remains. But so does pain from their breakup. Cassidy can't forget that Will left, and he can't quite forgive her for not leaving Ireland for the States with him. They vow to keep things strictly business -- but adhering to that bargain isn't easy at all! A unique premise, lots of sizzle and a generous helping of wit keep you turning pages, but what's truly memorable about Wylie's novel are the characters and their complex emotions.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer