Aric, the Earl of Bedford, finds his self-annointed solitude threatened when Lady Gwenyth of Penhurst Castle is thrust into his life. His uncle declares Aric must marry Lady Gwenyth or else she will be killed.

Unable to come up with an alternate plan that wont cost Gwenyth her life, they marry. After a rocky start, Arics passion for Gwenyth clouds over his inital reluctance to marry. He even reveals to her that part of his past that led him to seclusion.

Gwenyth, too, finds herself wanting a real marriage more and more. But Aric fears Gwenyth wants him to return to the life he has forsaken. Only when he can face up to his past guilt will he be able to accept her true love.

HIS LADY BRIDE is the first in a trilogy of Brothers in Arms, by newcomer Shelley Bradley. Ms. Bradley has filled her tale with everything that makes for a delightful love story: sharp repartee, sexual tension, political intrigues, and tight conflict. An excellent novel, fast-paced and entertaining. SENSUAL (Aug., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager