Though it's been five years since her colonel father died by suicide, Verity Scott never forgot the kind gentleman who befriended her during that trying time. His name was Max, and her father was his commanding officer.

Now Verity is a servant in the home of her aunt and uncle. Imagine her surprise when she sees Max again and discovers he's the Earl of Bakehurst. But Max doesn't recognize her--all he sees is a shabbily treated maid.

Attracted to her and wanting to make her life easier, Max asks her to be his mistress. When he discovers Verity's true identity, though, his honor demands that they wed, even over her objections. Verity is confused when his acts of love and kindness are sometimes followed by rejection and a cold demeanor. What she doesn't realize is that Max is trying to fight his feelings of desire for Verity, since he made a secret promise never to wed. Can Verity forgive him, and will his behavior lead to their marriage's ruin?

Compelling, compassionate and filled with emotional intensity, Rolls' latest is a sexually charged novel that also will tug at your heart. SENSUAL (Oct., 299 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond