Merline Lovelace turns her deft hand to a story of intrigue and romance in the era of Henry II. Though Henry controls the estate of twice-widowed Madeline de Courcey, he is persuaded to let the lady choose her next husband.

Ian de Burgh arrives at court to make certain she does not choose his infatuated brother Will. Prepared to encounter a brazen hussy, Ian finds a vivacious woman who has men dancing in attendance. When Ian captures Prince John in a tournament, his ransom is Madeline's guardianship.

Madeline is unaware that her life in controlled by a man who believes she is guilty of every sin imaginable. Ian quickly bundles her away to her most remote holding, where he believes his brother and others will be safe from her wiles.

Unfortunately, Ian finds that he is not immune to Madeline's charms, and her attempts to turn the tables and ransom him lead to passion. It remains to be seen if love can grow where there is no trust.

HIS LADY'S RANSOM is a fast-paced adventure of knights, ladies and true romance. SENSUAL (July, 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce