This modern fairy tale comes packed with innovative concepts wrapped around identifiable characters. Explicit love scenes explore each woman's sexual fantasies with an intensity just shy of extreme erotica. A twist of suspense makes this coming-of-age story an intense and emotional page-turner.

Fed up with men who take and give nothing in return, our three heroines move to the Big Apple to form The Mistress Club. Finding apartments and jobs where rich men gather, they study to become the ideal fantasy woman as they wait for Mr. Right Now. Realizing they've only traded up to wealthier men who use them without any care, the ladies find an intermediary to establish them at a privately owned club designed to introduce polished women to the upper echelon of New York. Before long the friends are claimed by members, move to fancy homes and enjoy financial security. Only one problem. Each has forgotten the mistress code: Never fall in love. Their friendship is tested as they battle over their men, one lover is murdered and they get involved in a crime investigation. (Pocket, Oct., 388 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Lisa Kelly