After three years in the army, upon his father's death, Alexander Devize returns home to take up his responsibilities as the new Earl of Standish.

He is puzzled by the cold reception he receives from Diana Sherwood. With their mothers being cousins, Alex and Diana grew up together, fell in love and assumed they would eventually marry.

She never forgot that one night of passionate love they shared when she was 17. But Diana's anger at Alex for choosing the army over her never cooled. She despises the army for it took her father's life and left her mother and her alone just as she was left alone when Alex went off -- and left her with a secret.

Now she is off to London to make her come-out. Diana is confident she will find a husband. But there is still a spark of feeling left for Alex. He left for the wars a young man and returned a well-tested, battle-scarred veteran with demons of his own to conquer. Will they be able to find the love they once had?

Misunderstanding, poignancy, tenderness and a delightful secondary love story blend together in this touching romance. SENSUAL (Aug., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond