Lord Trent has been mistakenly offered marriage to Miss Lydia Swann, and her rackety father is determined that she should accept. So in her defense, she concocts a plan that should satisfy all. His Lordship will remain unwed, her father will have a chance to get a son-in-law, and Miss Swann will capture the heart of her adored dream-lover, all in the space of two weeks timeIF pretending to be engaged to Lord Trent while in reality renewing her acquaintance with the dashing Sebastian, does not pitch them all into the briar patch!

However, the lovely Miss Swann has not counted on Lord Trent to actually decide that he loves The Ugly Duckling or that she will come to love him in return. This touching tale features an endearingly sweet heroine with a knack both for mischief and compassion, and a romantic soul just waiting for a chance to blossom. (Apr., 240 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck