Image of At His Majesty's Convenience


Image of At His Majesty's Convenience

AT HIS MAJESTY’S CONVENIENCE (3) by Jennifer Lewis: Newly crowned monarch Jake Mondragon is beset by a wave of aggressive females determined to be his queen, so he’s horrified when his dependable (and secretly lovestruck) assistant, Andi Blake, turns in her resignation. When Andi loses her memory, Jake leaps at the chance to keep her by his side — and solve his bride dilemma — by convincing her she’s his fiancé. When she finally recovers, Andi is unwilling to play the part of a pretend bride, but Jake is discovering there’s more to his able assistant than he thought. Though amnesia is usually a reliable plot device, in this case the twist doesn’t ring true and is all too easily resolved.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper