Image of By His Majesty's Grace


Image of By His Majesty's Grace

With her distinctive voice, Blake sets her tale during the reign of Henry VII and sweeps the reader into the precarious lifestyle of battle-scarred knights, court intrigue, scandals and treachery. The sexually charged chemistry between her hero and heroine makes the first of the Three Graces trilogy an exciting, emotion-filled and unforgettable story.

Lady Isabel Milton, an heiress, is commanded by the king to wed Randal Braesford, a farmer. But she has been misled, for the owner of Braesford is no farmer. Instead a seasoned warrior stands before her. A confidant of the king, Rand has been given the lands, Braesford Keep and Isabel for services rendered to the crown. As the eldest sister of the Three Graces of Graydon, Isabel comes with a curse said to inflict great harm on any man who dares to marry without love. But there are traitors to the crown who plot to bring down the Tudors and Rand along with them. When accused of murder Rand is imprisoned in the Tower; Isabel is determined to prove his innocence, even though the knowledge she seeks may see her head roll. (MIRA, Aug., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond