Image of His Majesty's Mistake


Image of His Majesty's Mistake
HIS MAJESTY’S MISTAKE (4) by Jane Porter: Spurned by the father of her unborn child, Princess Emmeline d’Arcy switched places with her look-alike Hannah. But when Hannah’s boss, Sheikh Makin Al-Koury, shows up to collect his wayward employee, before Emmeline can say “Kasbah,” they’re heading to the Middle East. Makin may have finally found Hannah, but something is not quite right — he’s never lusted after her before. Finally, he realizes that this emotional beauty isn’t Hannah at all, but will her secret keep them from finding happiness? Porter paints an extravagant tale, filled with strong-yet-vulnerable characters and a satisfying against- all-odds romance.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt