Image of His Majesty's Mistress


Image of His Majesty's Mistress
Giselle Foster's godmother treats her to a getaway on an idyllic Pacific island so she can take a break from running the family farm in New Zealand. When she meets Prince Roman Magnati in unexpected circumstances, she feels the pull of attraction for the first time. When it's clear he feels the same way, Giselle throws caution to the wind. But their time is cut short when business intervenes. Giselle returns home dismayed that the family farm has to be sold, but she's in for a huge surprise when the new owner arrives. Robyn Donald's wonderfully romantic tale explores how powerful attraction and passion can lead to an unexpected love. His Majesty's Mistress (4.5) features a terrific hero, powerful and captivating, but also capable of tenderness and understanding.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers