Kelly pairs an aristocratic former military officer with a young American Quaker in this emotionally intense and beautifully crafted novel. With a small overview of Quaker life, and a large dose of romance, Kelly satisfies readers till the last page.

Phoebe Linville embarks on a journey to be united with the grandfather she never met. She arrives in London to have Major Lucas Stanton tell her of her grandfather’s death. Phoebe decides to stay to stay in London with relatives. As for her grandfather’s wish that she marry Lucas? That’s out of the question. New lord Lucas is a formidable man. But Phoebe begins enjoying his company, and he sees her quick wit. Caught in a compromising situation, they marry and leave for Mistle- toe Manor, his country estate. Problems arise, and after mayhem breaks out at a Christmas party, Phoebe hopes their passionate kisses and her love will unlock his cynical heart. (ZEBRA, Oct., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond