Image of His Most Exquisite Conquest


Image of His Most Exquisite Conquest
HIS MOST EXQUISITE CONQUEST (4) by Emma Darcy: Lucy Flippence hides her dyslexia under a mask of frivolity, hoping it takes a while before she’s labeled “inferior” by her dates, who start as princes and inevitably turn into frogs. She’s got higher hopes for Michael, however, because he seems more princely than most. Michael Finn has never met anyone like Lucy, his sunshine girl. Is her footloose and fancy-free personality an act to get his fortune or is she the real deal? He needs to know because she’s making him think of a future together. Darcy’s fun-loving Down Under romance deals with tough issues in a realistic light, thanks to the empathetic, entertaining couple at its heart.
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Debbie Haupt