Inexperienced prosecutor Kristine Granger has made it her personal mission to get a conviction for every drug dealer she can, since drugs destroyed her entire family. When her boss assigns her to prosecute a known drug lord, she is determined that he'll do hard time.

Criminal attorney Tony Landry was the toughest defense lawyer Kristine had ever gone up against. He never lost a case, and her black-and-white world was not ready for Tony's fierce understanding of the gray shades of truth. At first glance, the two opposing counsels sparked something deep and primitive in one another. Could they survive the sometimes fierce world of the courtroom? Will they survive the powerful sexual attraction that threatens to shake up their ordered lives?

Ann Jacobs creates a poignant page-turner with compelling characters, especially Tony, a truly delicious hero who's tough enough to get what he wants but sensitive enough to care about the feelings of others. (dl $5.95)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Whitesel