Image of His Perfect Match (Kimani Romance)


Image of His Perfect Match (Kimani Romance)
HIS PERFECT MATCH (4.5) by Elaine Overton: Elizabeth Donovan appears to be a lucky young woman. She's engaged to businessman Darius North, who adores her and is anxiously awaiting their wedding. No one expects Liz to leave Darius at the altar and run away to Las Vegas with his bad-boy brother. Fast-forward 10 years and Liz must put aside her fears and reach out to him. Her son needs a kidney, and she is not a match. What will happen when Liz forces a face-to-face reunion? As the story unfolds the characters' true personalities are revealed. Darius is not as perfect as he may have thought, and Liz is not as bad as she seemed. The character development is magnificent, and the second chance at love comes with a price that both characters are willing to pay.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims