Kieran Broderick becomes Earl of Kildare with the provision that he put down the rebellion, marry one of the four OShea sisters and will not resume his life as a mercenary until his wife is pregnant.

If Kierans first meeting with the OSheas is any indication of how things will be, then hes in for a rough time. Kieran is attracted to Maeve, but Maeve is betrothed. His other choices are a pregnant widow, a sister terrified of men and a young girl.

His choice is Maeve. She convinces him to give her some time before they consummate the marriage. While he gives her time, he and his men search out the rebels. He knows Maeves brother Flynn is among them, but cannot prove it. Her deceased betrothed wasand Kieran thinks Maeve may be as well.

In spite of his suspicions, the attraction between them is hot and hard to resist. They come together like wildfire.

As their battle continues, they are drawn into the intrigues surrounding the rebellion. This puts a strain on their fragile bond that is tested time and again by divided loyalties.

HIS REBEL BRIDE is the final book in the Brothers in Arms Trilogy and if you enjoyed Ms. Bradleys other books then youll love this one! With wonderful descriptions and fine dialogue, youll find your emotions completely involved throughout this hard-to-put-down read. SENSUAL (Mar., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager