The book’s main characters, Caroline and Simon, are entertaining and sweet when dealing with each other, however, when they interact with secondary characters, they are completely unlikable. Furthermore, the sub-plot between Simon and his brother Dane is exhausting. The men spend the entire book competing with each other over everything, including women. One-dimensional characters and a formulaic plot will make this book difficult for some readers to finish.

The only thing that struggling graduate student and housekeeper Caroline Sampson wants to do is rest her eyes for a minute, but she knows she is in big trouble when her sexy boss, Simon Holcroft, wakes her up after she falls asleep in his bed. Simon says he will forgive her indiscretion if she helps him dissuade his ex — who happens to be his brother’s current fiancée — from seducing him. Simon convinces Caroline to visit his family home with him, posing as his temporary fiancée in order to have a drama free Christmas holiday. Caroline is not happy about keeping this secret or the others she learns when his family members start to confide in her. But, the biggest secret that Caroline has to keep is that she has fallen in love with Simon. (CARINA PRESS, Apr., dl. $4.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak