Revenge drives Drake Thornton to abduct Averyl Campbell, the betrothed of his murderous half-brother, Murdoch MacDougall. Anger pushes him to keep her as his captive. Desire compels him to make her his handfast bride. Love makes him sacrifice everything to hold her forever and see his name cleared of a hideous crime.

Desire to please her father compels Averyl to accept Murdochs proposal. Fear of poverty has her willing to be the bride of a spiteful man. Feelings of inadequacy force her to wed someone she does not love. Courage finally sets her free to love the man who holds her captive and to see him free from charges of murder.

What begins in vengeance ends in love; the traditional theme of a captive/captor romance is given a special sparkle by newcomer Shelley Bradley. Readers will not only enjoy the repartee and sexual tension, but with the addition of the characters emotional problems, Ms. Bradley takes the novel to another level. Be on the lookout for the third book in her Brothers in Arms series. SENSUAL (Dec., 311 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin