Image of His Texas Baby


Image of His Texas Baby
HIS TEXAS BABY (3) by Stella Bagwell: Liam Donovan is stunned: Kitty Cartwright, a woman he barely knows except for a one-night intimate encounter, is now pregnant with his child. After losing a wife and child, having a family is the last thing on his mind. Kitty is just as stunned, as she is still recovering from the death of her father and has her hands full running his business. Liam and Kitty decide to get married, even as Kitty accepts that there may not be room in Liam’s heart for another love. Yet, it doesn’t take Liam long to realize that his heart can be open to love again, specifically when it comes to Kitty. A predictable premise and simple plot take a bit away from the genuine sweetness of this story.
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates