Even though Cameron Hawksmoor wakes up wed, and in bed, with his host's daughter, the lovely Tess Masterson, neither of them has any memory of the nuptials. Realizing that they're caught in someone else's web, Tess and Cameron decide to make the best of a bad situation to pursue the mystery of who is blackmailing who and how their marriage to each other would suit the blackmailer's purposes. In the meantime, between her father's black humors and Cameron's nephews adding mayhem to the mix, these two bewildered and beset lovers manage to completely fall for each other. HIS UNEXPECTED BRIDE (3) by the prolific and popular Jo Ann Ferguson offers readers a tantalizing tale of misplaced ambition and twisted treachery that teases the reader with possibilities until the final page. (May, 252 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck