Colin McBride returns to his foster family after an accident that effectively ended his career in mining. Hes decided, very objectively, that its time he married and began a family of his own. Annie, once his little foster sister, is now a woman of 20, but Colin cant consider her.

However, the change in her throws Colin emotionally off balance. Hes even less prepared to deal with Annies plans to become an actress against her fathers wishes and her familys social standards. To thwart this goal, her father is sending her to a San Francisco finishing school. Colin is appointed escort for Annie and her widowed chaperone.

Even with the touch of suspense, the journey proves a tedious adventure much of the time, although Colin and Annie grow closer, and Colin learns to be more accepting of Annies dreams. This novel features good sexual tension in a varied setting and intriguing secondary characters, but the journey is too long. Sensual (Dec., 374 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger