Image of His, Unexpectedly (Brava Contemporary Romance)


Image of His, Unexpectedly (Brava Contemporary Romance)

In this lighthearted and entertaining story, the third Fallon sister, free-spirited Jenna, finds a mate. Some readers may find the alternating POV between first person (Jenna) and third person a little distracting; others may quibble that the focus on “messages” is a little preachy. But all readers will be rooting for these two characters to get together and make it work.

Her family may consider her a flake, but Jenna enjoys living life in the moment, with no planning. When her car conks out on the way to her sister’s wedding, Jenna cajoles marine biologist Dr. Mark Chambers into giving her a ride up the coast from California to Vancouver. A man of science, Mark is oblivious to flirting and small talk, and maps his life out in detail. However, Mark is not oblivious to Jenna’s beauty, or to the heat he feels when he’s around her. They share common interests in the beauty of nature and environmental conservation causes. Jenna helps Mark stop and smell the roses — but is there any long-term future in their mutual attraction? (BRAVA, Feb., 352 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan