Image of His Until Midnight (Harlequin Kiss)


Image of His Until Midnight (Harlequin Kiss)

HIS UNTIL MIDNIGHT (3) by Nikki Logan: Audrey Devaney meets her husband’s good friend, Oliver Harmer, once a year for dinner and stimulating conversation. In Oliver’s eyes, Audrey is the ideal woman. When her philandering husband dies, Oliver wants to make Audrey see that he is her ideal man. But Audrey struggles with her self-worth and prefers to play it safe. Can Oliver convince her that he’s the right man for her? The dialogue flows nicely and the “same time, next year” structure to the story is interesting. However, the motivations of the heroine are weakly integrated into the story, and the rationale for the hero’s secret-keeping makes it difficult to empathize with either them.

Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Madan