In the jungles of South America, medical researcher's daughter Eden Farraday meets adventurer/mercenary Lord Jack Knight and sets off on the wildest adventure of her life. Longing for life in England, with its balls and beautiful gowns, and tired of poisonous snakes and bugs, Eden sees the rugged mercenary as a knight in shining armor.

Jack is running guns for revolutionary Simon Bolivar. He can't be distracted by Eden's plea to escort her to London. But she stows away on his ship, and he's stuck with the rebellious beauty, who charms his crew and disarms his mercenary heart.

Foley sweeps you off into a wildly rousing and arousing adventure that swiftly moves across the sea with raging storms (the most realistic sea story since Marsha Canham's The Wind and the Sea) and explosive passions. When Eden and Jack get to London, they're caught in a jealous man's schemes and political intrigue that has them racing against time to see Jack's mission completed and a villain captured.

This is adventure romance at its best, a mix of Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean that stirs you and leaves you sighing with satisfaction. SENSUAL (May, 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin