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Image of His Wicked Sins


Image of His Wicked Sins

Silver juxtaposes past and present to create the ideal atmosphere for a darkly alluring gothic romance. The setting, an eerie school in Yorkshire, and suitably suspicious characters, grisly murders and an enigmatic hero add to the chilling atmosphere that lures you into the story.

Elizabeth Canham arrives at Burndale expecting to find a quiet, ordinary boarding school. Instead she walks into the twisted world of a serial killer. Two teachers have already been murdered, and her light blonde hair makes Elizabeth the killer's next target.

Then she meets Griffin Fairfax, the father of one of the students. Rumors surround his wife's death, and even uglier suspicions whirl around him after the teachers die. But Elizabeth finds Griffin fascinating, and as she gets to understand his complex character she believes he isn't capable of murder, even if he was involved with the dead women.

But she's haunted by dark childhood memories that threaten her sanity and her life. Elizabeth is the one who must draw out the killer and escape the taint of the past before love can conquer all. (Zebra, Aug., 344 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin