Cameron McKay is the last surviving member of his clan and hes determined to locate Meredith, only daughter of Clan Munro, marry her and get an heir.

He finds her in a priory and abducts the beautiful and daring woman, intent upon claiming her as his bride. But Meredith has other plans. She will not go willingly and each attempt at escape only inflames Camerons thirst for revenge against the woman who belongs to his sworn enemy.

Though she trusts no man, Meredith is unwillingly drawn to Cameron. As heart and head vie in a blazing battle of wills, a desire is born that flourishes through trials and tribulations, pride and vengeance to become a great love.

Samantha James has put her special touches on a tried-and-true medieval romantic theme. Readers will adore her endearing, three-dimensional characters and their struggle against falling in love. HIS WICKED WAYS is sure to win a place on the night table. SENSUAL (Oct., 400 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin