Image of His Woman in Command


Image of His Woman in Command
HIS WOMAN IN COMMAND (3) by Lindsay McKenna: Capt. Gavin Jackson, leader of a Special Forces team, is in the officers' club on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan when in walks the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. Nike Alexander, of the all-woman Black Jaguar Squadron 60 flight team, has just assisted in the capture of drug runners, which ended in tragedy. Although she's attracted to Gavin, Nike's determined to keep her heart closed, since she's certain she can't deal with losing another loved one. But circumstances often have a way of changing a heart's mind. The latest in the Black Jaguar Squadron series is a relevant, tightly woven story featuring dynamic characters. But the beginning is heavy on the exposition, so it takes some time to really connect with the story.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers