John Keller is quiet, charming, introspective, a professional living in NYC who collects stamps, works the Times crossword puzzle, and reports for jury duty without complaint. Keller is also a killera professional hit manone of the best in the business, who carries out his assignments with a cool, dispassionate competence.

However, when he has several narrow escapes himself, he and Dot, his imperturbable, wisecracking manager, come to the conclusion that Keller himself is on someone elses hit lista fellow assassin whos eliminating the competition. Now, in between fulfilling his contracts (not always in the way youd think, especially in the case of an artist whose work he admires), dating a commitment-shy artist, and collecting his stamps, Keller must come up with a plan to identify and defeat his murderous rival.

Block has been a master of mystery for over twenty years, and the sweet yet deadly Keller is one of his most enjoyable creations. Keller was introduced in the best-selling Hit Man, and his second outing is even better. Darkly funny, ironic, and utterly engaging, HIT LIST is a killer mystery! (Nov., 272 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Laurie Davie