Geologist Dr. Kathleen Dawson has come to Costa Sierra to find oil. In her opinion, Jaguar Man, the protector of the jungle, is a myth, but to the Indians, he is reala jaguar by day and a man by night. Then she is kidnapped out of her jungle camp and awakens in a strange cave, confronted by a tall, bronze, Tarzan-type man who moves like a cat and has amber eyes.

After rescuing Kathleen from drowning, the Jaguar Man finds himself becoming more and more drawn to her. Kathleen too is attracted to her captor, but knows she must find some answers to both her kidnapping and this real-life mythno matter what the consequences may bring.

HOLD ONTO THE NIGHT is a captivating romancean action-adventure paranormal with some intrigue. Kathleen is an intelligent heroine and the Jaguar Man is mysteriously wonderful. Even Kathleens father and his disagreeable actions were understandable. I highly recommend this to all lovers of shape-shifter romances and anyone else who enjoys something unique. (Jun., 187 pp., $9.95)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley