Image of Hold on to the Nights


Image of Hold on to the Nights
HOLD ON TO THE NIGHTS (4.5) by Karen Foley: Lara Whitfield is attending a convention for a popular science fiction TV show. She's determined to see sexy star, Graeme Hamilton. Five years before, when she was 17, she met the then-not-famous Graeme, and for two days they were married. Lara has just discovered that Graeme never signed the annulment papers and getting him to do that is her goal. First, though, she wants to find out if she's over him. Lara is thinking about marrying another man who she loves more like a friend. At a dinner she finds Graeme but doesn't think he recognizes her in her mask. The outcome and the realistic nature of this plot are never in question, but the sex is sizzling hot and the characters are highly sympathetic -- all in all a fast, sexy read.
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Page Traynor