Nora Roberts delivers chapter two in her outstanding new romance trilogy which follows the lives of three old and dear friends.

Ever since the death of her parents, Templeton cousin Kate Powell has felt the need to prove to her aunt and uncle that she is worthy of their love. Until recently, of the three friends, Kate seemed to have her act the most together. Laura Templeton's divorce was bitter and Margo's scandal of last year is just being forgotten. Margo is now blissfully happy married to Laura's brother Josh and expecting their first child.

Kate's world tilts on its axis when a former friend of her father reveals that Kate's father had been accused of embezzlement at the time of his death. Kate is horrified to discover that the Templetons paid her father's debts. Not knowing how to discuss her findings, Kate internalizes her pain. She gets a second blow when instead of receiving a partnership at her CPA firm, she is accused of embezzlement. The normally feisty Kate withdraws and refuses to fight the charges.

Hotel expert Byron De Witt is a most valued and trusted member of the Templeton Hotel Empire. Kate is nothing like the women Byron usually finds attractive, but something about her gets to him. He also realizes that Kate's problems are making her physically ill. The usually strong Kate will need the love and support of all her friends and family to repair her life.

Nora Roberts is a shining example of pure talent and one of the most consistently wonderful authors in the business. Grab your copy soon. (Jan., 368 pp, $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith