Image of Holding Out for a Hero (The Frasers)


Image of Holding Out for a Hero (The Frasers)

The latest in Leigh's Fraser series captures the raw power of the Old West with authentic dialogue and realistic characters. It's the love story between
a bounty hunter and the pampered princess who makes him forget his good intentions. The action is all in the first half of the book, and after that it trickles down to a case of misunderstandings and secrets. Luckily a big Fraser family reunion that brings back beloved characters saves the ending.

Rico Fraser is on the trail of Slater, the gunslinger who tortured and killed his mother. Nothing will deter him from his course, especially not a tempting, strong-willed princess, until Slater kidnaps her.

Now Rico has to get his man and save the girl. Jennifer Burke finds Rico a paradox -- one minute he's compassionate, the next he's a bully. The two fight the attraction between them because Jenny doesn't want a bounty hunter for a husband, and Rico won't give up the search for his mother's killer. Neither will find happiness until she grows up and he stops living in the past. (POCKET, Jun., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer