This story has so much charm and heart that fans of Amish fiction won’t be disappointed. With stellar characterization and expert insight into the Amish community, Eicher’s Beiler Sisters series starter is enjoyable from start to finish. The whimsical, uplifting quality to the story also can’t be missed. Readers looking for a Christian romance that feels authentic should give this a try.

Debbie Watson is not Amish, but she’s good friends with the Amish Beiler sisters. As each day passes, Debbie’s belief that her heart is calling her to the Amish lifestyle grows stronger. Stepping out on faith, she moves into the Amish community and takes an interest in a young Amish farmer, Alvin Knepp. Alvin is the youngest son of a poor Amish farmer and has been labeled an unsuitable match. Will Debbie listen to social mandates or follow her heart? (HARVEST HOUSE, Mar., 352 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susannah Balch