Image of Holiday Kisses (Kimani Romance)


Image of Holiday Kisses (Kimani Romance)
HOLIDAY KISSES (4) by Gwynne Forster: Forster shows what happens when two people with deep-seated trust issues due to broken hearts come together. Things unfold in a realistic, believable manner. Dentist Kisha Moran is settling nicely into a new home, a new town and a new life when she's blindsided by a patient who shows up with a dental emergency. News anchor Craig Jackson falls quickly for the lovely dentist, even though women aren't on his agenda. He needs to gain a national news spot; if not, he must honor a promise to his father to join the family law firm. Craig is commitment-shy due to the misdeeds of his former fiancee. The push-and-pull, stop-and-start of the couple's relationship could have been annoying, but it's totally understandable considering their pasts.
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Debbie R. Sims